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La Raza Motorcycle Club was established in 2009. We are a Chicano Club who believe in Brotherhood and keeping the Chicano Cultura alive. We're a Brotherhood of Chicanos that enjoy riding our viclasos and having a good time with our carnales. While we give back to our community.

La Raza MC is located in Visalia California. Our members come from the surrounding areas including Tulare, Woodlake, Farmersville, Corcoran, Madera, Hanford, Lemoore and Fresno. 

Thank you for your support.

La Raza MC

La Raza MC Members

Viva La Raza

Viva La Raza

La Raza MC Image

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La Raza MC Image

LA RAZA VRSA featuring J Hernandez

LA RAZA MC 13th Anniversary Concert

VIVA LA RAZA - J-DUBB featuring Joey Quinones


Giving Back
Images from La Raza Music Video
David "Gator" Luna
David "Gator" Luna
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